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This is my personal Want List. If you find anything listed here you’d like to part with, please drop me a line.

Arena feedback:

My Au​ctions & Ebay feedback:

Top priority wants!

Secondary wants, only interested in trades at this time.

Found, but not yet in hands.

Just personal notes.

I have shipping addresses in Germany, France, the US and Canada, if needed.

I occasionally have access to the affordable business solutions for international shipping ( and am also happy to assist with acquisition of additional items from Germany or France, then forward them on altogether to you, if needed.

Just contact me and we’ll see what we can do.



MO Sparkle Star Hoppe (dark version)

Glow ‘n Show Starglow (coral hair)

Reverse Kisscurl

Caramel Crunch Pat. Pend.

Flutterbye, US store version with silvery glittery symbols

​BBE Babies with nice bodies and hair:
​Shady, Lickety Split, Ribbon, Tiddly Winks, Heart Throb, Frosting


Cherry Treats HK and/or US version with forelock

Pearlized Baby Blossom

​Baby Graffiti

Baby Moondancer with glittery symbols (glitter only version without painted layer underneath)

Ballerina ponies​: Posey Rose, Tip Toes but probably the others too (will have to check back)

MO Scribbles​

well deflocked Scrumptious-or- a baity version of Scrumptious with beautiful hair for deflocking

Pretty 'n Pearly Sea Babiesw/o float, European, Backstroke pose: Ripple​

​Dragons: Fiery (red) and Spike MO version - paint has to be excellent

Flutter ponies

Large head versions of:
Peach Blossom, Honeysuckle, Wing Song, Tropical Breeze, Cloud Puff, Wind Drifter (upgrade), Yum Yum

​​Rare ponies


Seaside Baby Splish (orange)UK Princess Misty with coral tail ​
​Any Pristina variant

Other princess variants: please offer!


Daddy Berrytown
Tales Sweetheart
Greek Bluebelle w/ purple hairDutch orange baby w/ cat symbol



​Starshine w/ red streak (upgrade)
Starshine w/ tropical hair​
​Bow Tie (straight hair)
Heart Throb (straight hair)
​Moondancer (reverse symbols)
Moondancer w/ Glory's head​
Bubbles w/ CP head
Bluebelle w/ white stars

AB eyes: Peachy, Blossom, Minty

​Regular with stamps on 4 hooves: all except Minty
​Macau style: Italian Brown Peachy

I'm a variant collector - please offer any Italian CP! Will then look for differences with my own. 


any in VGC, but especially:
Banana Surprise Var. II (white body, dark purple hair)
Peppermint Crunch Var. II (white body, dark purple hair)
Swirly Whirly Var. I (usual) and Var. II (dark purple hair)


​Baby Cotton Candy

​Upgrades: Blossom, Starshine, Baby Bow Tie


Coral Lickety Split with light pink hair

Any CP in VGC


Starshine (coral streak)​

Loyal Subjects

​GITD Snuzzle​
Pearlized Minty
Regulars except Minty and Princess Sparkle


​Princess Accessories

Turquoise wand, dark aqua ribbon (Misty)
Dark blue wand, lilac ribbon
Green wand, light aqua star pick, yellow crown clip
Pink wand
Pink ribbon
white ribbon x2
Pink ribbon x2
(Primrose, Serena)
Turquoise ribbon

Barrettes and hair accessories

Golden yellow clip with blue hair (DnP Swinger)
Yellow Bird pick​ w/ pink hair (Tall Tales)
​Yellow lily barrette (Perfume Puff Lavender Lace)
Purple ​lollipop barrette (Lemon Treats)

Flower barrettes (Adult Ballerina ponies and Prom Queen SHS): white, dark aqua, others I'd have to check but no light blue, no lavender.

Floats for Sea Sparkle Bab​ies

Surfy​, Sea Spray​

​B​aby A​ccessories

Light blue, striped (Baby Countdown)

Butterfly w/pink trim (Baby Graffiti)
Butterfly w/blue trim (Baby Sweet Stuff)
Butterfly w/purple trim (Baby Snippy)
Bear w/ purple trim (Baby Ribbs)

Red​ (Baby Paws)
Blue​ (Baby Countdown)
Light blue (Baby Racer)
Green (Baby Leaper)
Dark Aqua (Baby Drummer)

​ 1 pink (upgrade)
1 ​yellow (Baby Paws / Countdown)
1 ​dark yellow (Baby Racer, upgrade)
1 dark purple (Baby Bows)

​Pale blue (Baby Countdown)
​​Dark yellow (Baby Drummer)
​Aqua (Baby Racer)

​Yellow / aqua (Baby Racer)

Changing tables:
Yellow (Baby Rainfeather)
Light blue (Baby Flicker)

​Purplish-pink DnW bottle (Cuddles)

​Purple (DnW Baby)
DnW Baby diaper box w/ green and purple diapers
1 ​Snugfit Euro Diaper Box

Blankets for playpens:
2x purple and white w/ stars (Baby Glory)
red with green, blue and yellow, white bordered squares (Baby Würfelchen, upgrade)


Lavender Sand Box
BABY necklace​: dark pink w/ white letters
White Playpen
 Heart bib w/ purple trim (Baby Moondancer)
​Any non-regular​ Stacking Toys, top rings in general
Snail rocker (pink)
Stroller (purple)

Combs, brushes

Hearts and dots long combs:
​All except hot pink, light yellow, dark blue (Bouquet) and pale blue (Skylark)

Hearts and dots long brushes:
​Hot pink (Pretty Vision)
​Pink (Skylark)
​Blue (Twist​y Tail)

Orange racecar comb (Baby Paws)
Red racecar comb (Baby Drummer)
Blue dog brush (Baby Racer)
Yellow 1234 ​comb​ (Baby Schoolbag)

Purple duck comb (Baby Ribbs)
Coral pink butterfly brush (Green US Tootsie)
Blue flower brush (US Applejack, straight hair version)
​Coral moon comb (Mirror Mirror)
Green Bird Brush (Floater)
Magenta Bear Brush (Baby Noddins)
Medium blue Bear Brush (Baby Whirly Twirl)


Wide ribbons for Brush 'n Grow ponies:
(Twisty Tail) x3

Sweetheart Sister ribbons:
(Frilly Flower, Flowerburst)
(Fancy Flower)

Metallic braid trim winger ribbons: pink, gold

but any regular original ribbons, too!


Ballerina Tutu: yellow (Tip Toes)
​Soap and sponge (Scrub-A-Dub-Tub)
​Skipping rope and green string for the bell
​Dance 'n Prance Songster: one Earring, actually just the clip part

​​MLP: G2

Princess Silverswirl, "light up" version

many of the less regular, especially complete with acc., please offer

Accessories! (especially both orange table legs for Magic Motion Sweet Berry)


​​MLP: G​3

(only mint ponies complete with accessories, unless stated otherwise)


2003: Winter ponies Snow Flake and Candy Cane

Sweetie Belle (Easter Egg, MIP)

Moonlight Celebration Set with Tink-a-Tink-a-Too II (loose and complete)

Birthday Celebration Set with Sweetberry II (loose and complete)

Sharing Tea with Pinkie Pie and Minty Set

Lulabelle (Spring Basket 2005 version) --> upgrade, has to be unyellowed

US Mc Donald's: Butterscotch; all 2008 Mc Donald's ponies except Star Song

Europe Mc Donald's: Cloud Dancer (upgrade), Star Dancer

Baby Sparkleberry Swirl

2007 easter Serendipity in egg (MIP)

Anchors Away (has to be minty with minty tinsel!)

Morning Glory

Dream Design Ponies * Cloud Climber with minty, straight tinsel (not curly)



Yours Truly: pink Crown with heart-shaped jewel

Super long hair Rarity: white necklace, pink flower barrette

2007 Winter ponies: Jolly Lolly's white earmuffs

Ballet with Dance Slippers and Dance Around: smaller bouquet

Heart Bright:: two heart barrettes

Go to school with Cheerilee: orange book, blue bow barette



(collecting loose, preferably w/ accessories)


Princess Luna (non-glittery)

Honey Rays

Ploomette with bird friend

pearlized G4!
(missing Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Starlight Glimmer, Cherry Berry, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Meadow Flower, Sapphire Joy, Sea Swirl)

In trades, still looking for G4 in VGC with accessories but also without, please offer what you have!





any Baby Dragon with accessories

any Lilytop with accessories except the yellow one



any -complete-, for basic parts I'd have to check

Riding Outfit without pixietail but complete otherwise



Seahorse peach w/ yellow super curly hair (Maiden Golden Waves)

US pixietails with super curly hair only (Hide N' Peeks)


​Other doll Accessories:

Prince Strongheart: cap, map