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HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), ISTP, ​aquarius, collector and gamer.

This site is my long-time dream which finally c​omes true: a virtual display room for my various 80's toys. As the collections grew, they hardly got out of their storage boxes and it hurt me they received so little attention. Also, it was sheer impossible to display them all, be it on shelves or even a whole room dedicated to just them. 

This solution is meant to meet everyone’s needs – mine to see selected ones of them whenever I feel like a break from the daily routine, as well as theirs being well protected against light and humidity.
Also, this project allowed me to merge some of my hobbies even more: restoration, photography, constant improvement and to simply arrange and make things beautiful. 

80s toys are my childhood memories, where I was given lots of Princess of Power by a friend of my mother’s. I also had three My Little Ponies (White Tootsie, Baby Tic Tac Toe and Twinkle Eye Gingerbread) – they knew my favourite colour was blue; my father’s was yellow. He tended to buy things for me which he could relate to himself. I was given Masters of the Universe, too – because they appeared in the Princess of Power TV series, but also especially by my father and his mother, my French grandmother​. She saw me as a tomboy, clearly didn’t share my preferences and bought me “the ugliest figures she could find” (her explanation why she gave me a Gwildor from the Masters of the Universe series once when I came see them for holiday).

I was also given Barbie and Jem by relatives who didn’t know me well. I really didn’t know much to do with them. The Jem figure would have been cool if I had gotten one with blue or purple hair, but they only bought me the blonde one – meh. (I myself had blue and purple hair later anyway).

Sadly, the French family branch passed most of my toys on to my younger relatives and those I had saved to Germany were sold on flea markets by me.

My Little Pony Photo Session

In 2001 by the age of 20, I rediscovered those toy lines and realized that they were still widely available on EBay. Again beginning with Princess of Power, I entered the German collectors’ community via a He-Man forum and went to several conventions in the process – which were also attended by pony folks. Some happy coincidences (like a friend on US Ramstein airbase) and lots of networking later, I amassed and also resold lots of ponies from the US, acquired my first “Nirvana” ponies (at ridiculously low prices by that time) and made the first version of this site all by myself. It was quite awful technically but I enjoyed looking at the pictures already back then. After a toy hiatus from 2009 to ~2015, I re-entered the pony community and am more or less actively collecting since.

But my emphasis has gone from buying and storing ponies on to restoration and actively integrating them into various projects like taking pictures, this very page and ​reselling the duplicates from times when I bought more than I was able to “process”.

Today, I am still actively collecting, but am looking for more specific things. Any fellow collector is very welcome to look at my Want List.

I am always eager to find good solutions and win-win situations and have also been part of an international shipping network which partially still exists. I myself spend time in both Germany and France and have shipping addresses in both countries.

Which leaves to say: this site would never have come to life without my wonderful boyfriend who is a professional graphic and web designer (I am very grateful to him!). If anyone else wants an awesome and professional looking website, I can highly recommend his dedicated work.

Laura Portrait

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My Little Pony hair dressing and refurbishment