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​Useful Links

​My​ Little Wiki: G1 Accessory ID

​​The Wiki is a community knowledge ​base already huge in size ​and still constantly growing. I myself am an editor there, mostly working on the accessory and Nirvana sections.

​My Little Wiki: Lady LovelyLocks section

​I found accessory ID for this toyline especially difficult ​at that time, so I added that section to the MyLittleWiki​. To be honest, I have yet to "​complete" it, have many items not pictured yet.
​Good to know: ​​the MyLittleWiki also has ​sub-sections for Moondreamers, Glo Friends and Fairytail Birds​!

My Little Pony Accessories

​Chrissytree's website for accessory ID with wonderful, high quality photos. I find it particularly helpful as a resource​ and ​a great ​complement to the MyLittleWiki.

​My​ Little Pony Stickers Gallery

​A​n impressive collectors' resource for ​My Little Pony stickers​​, also by Chrissytree.

​​​MLP Arena

​Still seems to me like THE place for the community to meet. Be it for restoration advice, price checks, trading without Ebay fees or just submitting a new brag, this is the right place.

​​ - ​German Collectors' Resource

​​​Sonnnnne's page - this site is fully in German language. I usually use it as an additional resource for accessory ID through MOC images​ and for German pony names, as for every pony released in Germany, the German name ​can be found there next to the English one​. A separate names list ​is available, too.